Student or not

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Student or not

Dear students or recent students. There were many questions addressed to our support lately. Thank you. Your feedback is very very important to us.

The main question to support was: ‘why my works were not accepted?’ 

Not all essay and assignments are accepted. Submission for review does not automatically mean that we purchased your work.

In fact, 80% of work submitted is rejected. There are two reasons the works are not being accepted by

Reason 1 Mass produced / spin essays

We are interested in essays written by real students at real educational institutions. We are not interested in mass produced essay were some spin software was used (e.g. We have our ways to determine whether essay was written by real student or a mass producer.

I will not disclose all of our techniques but there is one that follows a simple logic. If someone keeps submitting tens of essay on subjects ranging from nursing to management, criminology to arts and law – it must be a mass producer!

Average Bachelor Degree in the world consists of 24 subjects x 2-3 essay per subject = 48 – 72 essay. The subjects of the essay must also fit the curriculum. Maths students do not write criminology essay. Art students do not write about nursing. Makes sense?

Someone submitting 100’s of essay can only fool us at the very early stage and then, of course, no essay from that person will ever be accepted.

Similarly, we all know high school curriculum. It varies very little around the world. We can see straight away if there is a real student submitting an essay trying to make a couple of hundred dollars off their hard work during past terms. We respect those very much. Their essay, sometimes, are not the best. But they they are honest work we are prepared to pay money for.

So, all the mass producers of very average essays, please, do not waste your time and our time submitting your essays.

Reason 2 Plagiarism

Sorry boys and girls, but if your essay does not pass at least this simple check, we will delete the submission.