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Why do public services need discipline?


Why do public services need discipline?


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Why do public services need discipline?

The public services need discipline because it maintains order within the public services and in the public areas. If
discipline was used in the public services personnel in the services may not be able to achieve success as they won’t
have to follow any rules that normally there to help achieve success within their jobs. Also discipline is needed because
if it wasn’t individuals wouldn’t be following the code of conduct and will do what they think is necessary in that
situation. The need of discipline in the public services allows the personnel the conduct themselves in the right manner
that is accepted by the citizens in the public. With discipline individuals that are working in the public services can work
towards goals without digressing from the job they have been allocated from people in higher ranks. Discipline is
needed in the public services as it maintains the fairness, safety, the public’s security along with the standardized
procedures and it prevents any unlawful orders such as police personnel abusing their power.
What is the meaning of discipline in the context of public services.

The meaning of discipline in the context of the public services means ensuring that personnel obeys by the rules set
within their job or code of conduct of their behaviour, using punishments to correct mistakes and ensure the every
individuals obeys to the rules to reduce the lack of discipline in the services by correcting disobedience.
Explain why orders need to be followed, how does it help public services?
The reasons why orders have to be followed in the public services as individuals working in a service need to be told
what they have to do, to be successful and how to do it effectively. The orders are there to be followed like instructions
to do their job in the best way. If orders are followed effectively it’ll prevent or reduce any dangerous risks like firing a
weapon etc. The orders helps to maintain the confidence within the public as the public services will look approachable
and the public will know that they are there for your safety. If the orders are maintained efficiency it’ll help individuals
out as some might not want to do the same thing as they might not be good at doing it.
If order is not followed there can be many punishments for the public services and public. If personnel in the public
services do not follow the orders that have been set they can be punished as they could be fired from their job or fined a
lot of money. This can create bad history for them and my cause a lack of confidence in their performance. If the public
don’t follow orders they can be arrested by the police which will then make them have a criminal record also they can
get fined money and lose of respect from people. If orders are not followed in the army, many troops could get arrested
for war crime as they aren’t following the fire permission order.
This will help out the public services in many ways. If the orders are followed the organisation of the public services will
look good and they are keeping their good reputation. This will make the public more confident as they know that the
services are following by all the rules. Another way this would help the public services as it will maintain their
effectiveness in the jobs as everyone knows what do to, how to do it and gets the job achieved a lot smoother and
faster. When each personnel is obeying by the orders set in a team, the teamwork will be more effective and everyone
will communicate to each other to get the operation/job done. Overall if the orders are maintained and followed
everything will run a lot smoother within the public services and is easier when it comes to certain jobs.
Give an example of a piece of legislation that helps the public services do their job. (E.g.
PACE, Armed Forces Act)
There have been many legislations that have been created to help out the public services. One of
the legislation’s that has been effectively to the public services is the PACE. PACE stands for Police
and Criminal Evidence act. This was established in 1985. This was set up to help the police force to
standardize the searching and determining procedures of officers. Also to protect the human
rights of the citizens so this made sure all the officers knew what to do. This made the police force
more organised.
Explain what the terms “Team spirit” and “sense of duty” mean to the public services.
The meaning of team spirit is the spirits of everyone within a group making each member want to succeed in
their job that has been given to them from a higher rank. It is also the willingness of a group to work as a team
with good communication and leadership. Before any personnel joins the public services Sense of duty within
public services means the sense of commitment or discipline to follow their job and orders given.
Discipline is needed in the Royal
Marines because it maintains equality
and fairness. Discipline is also needed
to prevent any soldiers being punished
for disobedience with the laws set as
they understand all the laws.
Discipline can achieve many
different things that have a
positive impact in the Royal
Marines. With discipline, the
Marines can achieve rewards. The
department and soldiers are able
to achieve rewards such as
medals. Receiving lots of medals
will increase the reputation of the
Royal Marines. If the Royal
Marines have a good reputation,
the public will feel safer and more
protected. Also with discipline it
can achieve the decrease of
punishments from people having a
lack of discipline or being
disobedience to orders set. When
discipline is used, the jobs will be
There can be loads of consequences without discipline. If there was
no discipline, soldiers can do whatever they want and do what they
think is right. The Marines will have a bad reputation as it wouldn’t
be organized or effectively. In the Royal Marines a solider has shown
a lack of discipline and taken things in to his own hands. One soldier
who was a sergeant known as ‘Marine A’ showed no discipline and
now faces lots of punishments. A unit was doing their normal routine
patrol. This incident happened on the ‘15th September 2011’ in
‘Helmand Province’ The murder was recorder by a helmet cam on
another solider. Sergeant A, shot a Afghan prisoner with a ‘9mm
pistol’. These are the consequence when the marines show a lack of
There are loads of different positive impacts
that discipline has in the Royal Marines. Some
positive impacts are the army will be more
organized with their jobs they do and
everything else. This is because everyone
knows the rules. This is good because it will
keep the law or orders maintained as all the
soldiers are well disciplined. Also with
discipline the jobs are getting done more
effectively and correctly as everyone knows
what to do. A positive impact of discipline is it
prevents soldiers doing unlawful acts such as
killing innocent people. This is good as it
prevents disobedience, creating a better
reputation for them.
There can be different negative impacts in the Royal
Marines will discipline as well. Some negative impacts that
discipline could have in the royal marines is people may go
against the rules that have been set from higher ranks. This
could cause the performance in the marines less effective
as they aren’t following the rules set. Troops might start to
do the things that they think are right. When troops aren’t
following the demands that have been set, this could make
the marines get a bad reputation from the public eye.
Overall I believe that having discipline in every public service is needed extremely. Discipline maintains the
equality of people and fairness. Also with discipline it maintains the laws that have been set. As the laws are
being maintained the jobs are done more effectively and faster. This is because all the troops know what to
do in the situations as the rules that have been set are followed. The main reason why discipline is used is to
get rid of the negative things within the Royal Marines and outside of it. Another advantage for discipline is
everything is more organized and the rules are followed more effectively. Discipline achieved many things in
the Marines such as being more effective and doing jobs more professional. Without discipline there can be
loads of consequences. Also without discipline the Royal Marines wouldn’t achieve as many things as they do
with discipline. The consequence of not having discipline allows soldiers to kill who they want as they don’t
need to follow any rules. There are also negative impacts that discipline can have within the Royal Marines.
Some marines might not agree with the orders that have been set and will not follow them. This will cause
the job to be done less effective. When marines aren’t following the rules they can gain a negative
Overall I think that having discipline in the Royal Marines and the other public services is extremely needed
as it maintains all the laws that have been set.
Discipline is needed within the police
force because it maintains the fairness
and order within the service. It shows
the police force is organized and is
respectful to the rules and laws set.
With discipline, the police force
can achieve many different things.
If everyone is disciplined, it’ll be
more organized as a team and
department. This can lead to the
reduction of crime, as the police
officers know what to do during
their job, being more effective.
When everyone is disciplined, they
are more respectful. This is an
advantage as when the police
officers are respectful the
department will get a good
reputation; causing the public to
look up and fell safer where they
live also knowing they are being
protected. When there is good
discipline in a unit or department
the jobs will be done easier and
more effectively.
When discipline isn’t used, there are many negative consequences
which can happen. There have been many different kind of reports of
police officers not showing discipline. In one case on the 8th April,
there was a pro-hunting show on with a huge crowd watching. The
police were there if anything bad went off. Eye witnesses saw a police
officer aggressively attacked a peaceful man by shoving and hitting
him. This certain police officer lacked discipline and abused his power
other the civilians. This is the consequence when police officers don’t
show discipline. They abuse their powers and take things into their
own hands without following the strict rules.
There are many positive aspects of having discipline in the
police force. With discipline it benefits everyone. A positive
impact of discipline is that it helps the law to be maintained
within the public services and in the public areas. This is
because rules have been created to be followed to allow
everyone to be good and to prevent crime. Another
positive impact that discipline has, is every single personnel
who is working for the police force knows the status of
people around them so they can show the correct amount
of discipline to people in higher ranks. Also they know
everything about the rules. This helps the police force to be
more organized as people are doing what they are told and
doing it effectively. A positive impact that discipline also
has is that it allows personnel to conduct themselves in the
proper and professional manner that is accepted by the
public. Discipline maintains fairness and security along with
safety. This standardized procedures and it prevents any
unlawful acts which is a very positive impact that discipline
has within the police force.
Even though discipline has a lot of positive impacts to the
public services, it also has some negative impacts. The
negative bit about discipline is it isn’t flexible as the police
officers have to follow the strict rules set. This can be a
drawback as it might be unsuitable to use discipline in a
situation. Also if discipline is not shown from personnel
within the police force they can be punished. Some
personnel could not agree with the orders and demands
set, which can cause them not to follow it and create a bad
reputation for the police department.
Overall I believe that having discipline in every public service is needed extremely. I believe this because it is
needed to maintain the law within the police force and in the public areas. Discipline is worth having as it
functions everything and improves the quality of the police force. Discipline ensures to get rid of any negative
areas that occur. Another reason why discipline is worth having in the police departments is because it keeps
everything a lot more organized as everyone knows what they are doing in their allocated jobs. Discipline is
needed as it shows that the police are able to follow rules effectively. This is an advantage as it gives a good
reputation for the police from the public. This will cause the civilians to feel safer in their local area and know
they have protection along with security. The police will get more respectful from the public. If discipline
wasn’t in the police force they wouldn’t achieve as much as when discipline is used. With discipline it
achieves many different things in the police force. This is because the officers are more effective when
following the rules set, such as decreasing the amount of crime. Discipline also has a few negative impacts on
the police such as it can be unsuitable some certain situations or some individuals may not follow the rules
set as they disagree with them which can cause the police force to get a negative reputation. When discipline
isn’t used there can be consequences such as, one police forces that was allocated a job to overlook a crowd
and get involve if anything bad happens. Showed a lack of discipline on a peaceful man as the officer started
aggressively attacking the man showing no respect. The consequence of a lack of discipline causes the
officers the abuse their power.
Overall I do believe it is worth having as it has a very positive impact on the police force. It does have some
The meaning of authority is the power to give out orders, make plans and rules and make sure that
obedience is ensured.
There are many different parts within the nature of authority.
Blind obedience (positive and negative)
Moral dilemmas and responsibility for decisions taken
The word power has two different meanings. The meaning of power is the ability to communicate
with other to persuade them to obey by any rules or demands. Another meaning of power is the
strength of someone (military meaning of power). An example of when power is used is when a
police officer has the power to arrest individuals if they are committing a crime.
There are 6 bases of power which are , legitimate, reward, expert, referent, coercive, information.
Legitimate is the belief that someone has the right to tell other individuals their demands and they
expect obedience from them such as a police officer arresting an individual for committing a crime..
Reward is the result of one persons power to compensate another person within the job for
compliance by paying them. Referent is the result of someone being worthiness and the ability to be
respected by other individuals like celebrities. Expert is when an individual has a high level of skill
along with knowledge on a certain activity or job. Coercive is believed that a person is able to punish
other individuals if orders are not being followed. Informational is when individuals do what they are
told what to does they are persuade by the things said like a leader (Hitler) doing a inspirational
The meaning of position is the ranking of an individual in a job of where they stand as they hold
ranks, showing how much power they have other individuals or how little power they have. The
higher the rank you are the power you have when setting out demands. Such as in the army there
are different ranks and positions. An individual who is ranked as a captain will have more power
then everyone who is lower then this certain individual.
Status means the place an individual is given on their experience in the certain job they are in. An
example of status is within the public services each officer knows their status, and the other statuses
of their other colleagues. Expert in communicating over radio will have a better status as they what
to do and how to do it effectively when reporting key information to the base etc.
The thing that influence individuals on what they do and how people actually act are the rewards at
the end or the leader themselves could be influential. This could occur in the public services as some
individuals will drive to succeed more as they are influenced with the money they will get which
causes them to carry on working effectively.
The term disobedience means failing or not obeying by certain rules that have been set within a job
or someone in a higher rank giving you demands. An example of disobedience would be when a
police officer trying is arrest an individual and the police officer hits that individual. That would be a
form as disobedience as the police officer is not following the rules set within the police.
Corruption is a form of being dishonest and disobedience to the rules or laws that have been
enforced to stop those in power abusing it against the public or any other personnel and avoid any
type of bribery. An example of corruption could occur in the police force. Corruption could happen
when someone pays the police officer some money, to not arrest a certain individual.
Blind obedience is where an individual follows the rules that have been set or demands from higher
ranks as they are the rules that should be followed without questioning or thinking about if it should
be done or not. The advantages of blind obedience is it keeps the person or department happier and
more organised as the rules are being followed without anyone disobeying. This may lead to a
promotion in your job. The disadvantages about this type of authority is that the people who are
setting the rules have full power over you and you may not agree with the demands being set which
will decrease your performance causing you to get fired. An example of this could be an army doing
everything a leader says without questioning them if they are right or wrong.
The meaning of moral dilemmas is a conflict on what you have to choose between two or more
actions in a certain situation of emergency. Each action took should have a moral explanation for
why you did it. An example of this could be in fire and rescue when they are reacting to a house fire.
A firefighter has to make a decision who to save first and who to leave behind. That certain
individual who has to make the decision has to take full responsibility of what happens and have a
moral reason why he or she took them specific decisions
There are 4 different types of authority which are Authoritarian, Dictatorial, Consultative and
Authoritarian is a style of a leadership. This is a very direct style. With authoritarian this tends to be
very strict with the team and the leader will have full control of their unit/group. As a member, you’d
have very little input to the plans that the leader has came up with. With this authority the team are
expected to follow all the orders as the leader will give out different responsibility and roles, team
members are expected to do this without arguing or debating about it. This creates things to done a
lot quicker. An example of this authority, authoritarian could be used before going into the war
zone. The leader will deliver the group orders quickly and fast. The leader would use this authority
to get orders said quickly as there’s little time for everyone to say their ideas about the plan as
having a big discussion about the orders will waste time and in this situation they wouldn’t be able
to afford to do so.
Dictatorial is another type of authority. Dictatorial means that the leader gives out power to a other
member of the team who will then share with everyone else on what he/she has been told by the
leader of the group. With dictatorial there isn’t any upward communication with the main leader.
The leader will use fear and power to make sure that the team are doing exactly what they have
been told and are doing the job properly. The leader has full control and authority over the members
within the group. Kim Jong Un used dictatorial as a leadership style. He used his power and feared
the public to do what he wanted. As he intimidated them all, they didn’t go against him and raise up.
This authority style isn’t normally used as its not effective and can make the team members lose
respect to the leader and then not follow what the leader orders to.
Consultative is where the leader will communicate with the members in their group. Everyone
within the team will communicate with each other, sharing their ideas and plans to complete a job
or task. The leader will discuss with the others about the problems to get feedback on how to
overcome it. Everyone will listen to ideas and suggest what they think about it. This cause the whole
team to work together. Members within the group will talk back to the leader. The leader will make
the final decision on what should happen. E.g. Fire and rescue will use this authority before entering
a burning or before getting to a car accident. This would be used as everyone communicates and
works together to get a more effective plan to over come the problem of that certain situation. It’s a
useful type of authority as its very effective when done correctly and can make jobs become a lot
easier and done faster.
With this type of authority which is participate is where the leader will talk to the other members in
the team and the team members in the group will communicate with each other and feedback to
the leader of the group. Everyone in the group will work together which involves everyone. As the
other authorities the leader makes the final decision on what to do. This authority would be used in
government discussions. When the government are making problem decisions they will invite
everyone’s opinion as everyone has their own say about what should or could happen to have the
best outcome. This is effective in this situation as there would be many ideas out in which can all be
used to get the most effective plan
With this type of authority which is participate is where the leader will talk to the other members in
the team and the team members in the group will communicate with each other and feedback to
the leader of the group. Everyone in the group will work together which involves everyone. As the
other authorities the leader makes the final decision on what to do. This authority would be used in
government discussions. When the government are making problem decisions they will invite
everyone’s opinion as everyone has their own say about what should or could happen to have the
best outcome. This is effective in this situation as there would be many ideas out in which can all be
used to get the most effective plan.


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