Topic: Should Canada change its electoral system?

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Topic: Should Canada change its electoral system?

Putting elections in place is a crucial step for a democratic body of government to subsist.
Through the voting process, citizens get the opportunity to voice their political opinions
and sway their government for any given political party that wishes to be represented
must win their trust. In order to govern, this said party must acquire the support of the
governed group thus are controlled at a certain degree by democratic rules. Respecting
these fair procedures ensures the public’s faith in the system and its representative staff.
As votes are considered political representation, the legitimacy of a democracy is
strengthened when Canadians are confident in the parties they support.

Seeing that public opinion and participation are vital and abiding by the laws an
obligation, many created the belief that the population could be misrepresented. A
necessity would be to reform the electoral system based on the fact that the ideologies
and views of the population are distort and weakly represented. Canada’s recent history
of low turnout rates and deficit of acute governments formed makes a strong case to
investigate the current system and its proposed alternatives. This discussion aims to look
into these options while studying the existing system and conclude which system suits
Canada best.


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