The Necklace:Summary and Reflection

Is wealth really important to people?.All the material things seems the basic needs of human
nowadays.Without wealth or posession,there is no contentment.Human fail to understand the meaning
of wealth because they felt it emotionally.Emotion comes within the value of possesions.If they bought a
new car,happiness and pride is within that person,without knowing the purpose of car is to ride.If

someone got lost in a gambling,depression comes within their self because they now lack of money or if
someone got a raise they were so happy but within their innerself,boredom of work comes within.Why
people so hypocrite? I believe that poor people are more greed than rich people because they do not
know how to handle oneself.If they do not get a raise from government,they scream or if the government
did not give what they want they complain and worst is they do rally.What is wrong with our society,the
disparaty between rich and poor people are so bias.It seems today that poor people express themselves
to look rich.If there are new gadgets or trends they should not be late to buy for it so that they look cool
and rich above their friends.When someone is above their means they want to get them down in that
position,the crab mentality arise or if someone is attractive or powerful they respect them more than
normal ones.Is it fair?What does it mean to rich or to be poor?

Life is pushing us to be true to ourself.If we can’t afford something,then go back for them and
make a way to bought the things we want.We need a confidence to be oneself. It does’nt matter how
much the value of that thing the important is we can afford it by our own honest penny.Our people today
is much the same as the story entitled “The Neclace”.
Now, I am giving a summary to my short story entitled “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant.It
is a story about a woman who is poor and does’nt been happy with her life because of her circumstance
that having no material possesions s or wealth.Her name is Mathilde Loisel.She feels discontented with
her life.Together with her husband name Monsieur Loisel. He loves her wife but not truly understand
her happiness in life.When they go to a fancy party she buys a new gown and borrow a diamond

necklace from her wealthy friend Madam Forestier.She becomes the center of attraction that night. She
is prettier than any other woman that night maybe because of her suit and necklace.When they are at
home,she discover that the her necklace is gone.Her husband trace their way but found nothing.
So,they search for exactly the same necklace and buy it for thirty-four thousand francs. They
work hard for ten years,use all their resources and borrow money to make up for that
amount.After a decade, Mathilde see Madame Foresteir.She confess and say that the necklace
she returned was a replacement.Madame Foreister is shocked because the necklace she give
her was fake and price for only five hundred francs.
Mathilde is a greedy character.She is a greedy character because she don’t know how
to be true to herself.Why did she lift her status even though she know they have nothing.It
is the same as people nowadays who felt that having an illusion of more money to change
their status quo.It is not different of how the money works today,that everyone wants money
to level their status as rich,middle or poor.The society today gives more respect to people
who have more than nothing or the normal people.The mindset is being brainwash for the
poor to be the lowest level of status.Life is hard I know,so for me I think there are many ways
to lift in this society.We should educate ourself for self improvement.Finding a job that will
suit our skills is a way to help our self and society.Finding scholarships to get education and
now why still there have many out of school youth today? There are free education that offers
by the government right now,that is easy to help our poor families.This society needs a much
more jobs available,so many graduates could get employed and poverty will decrease in our
Wealth is a good thing for me because I also deam of it.But not just like the one in the
story.I dream of it for my family.I want to give what they share for me so that I can give it
back to them.My mother wants me to go abroad because she know I can get what i want that
they cannot give me.And I say to them that I can do it because “alam ko na kaya ko
naman”.That is why until now I dreamt of going to abroad to have a descent job.I dreamt of
becoming software engineer or a system developer there.How I wish it could happen.
Suffering is also a theme of the story.It is when the time they are poor at the first
place and becomes poorer when they have to work hard to pay for the necklace.As buddha
say in his lesson “Life full of suffering”.If we cannot admit it, then we cannot go through it
we cannot go to our destination of success.Sometimes I question god why I am able to suffer
pain and lost of someone. I felt alone sometimes maybe because I do not find my love ones
or a friend I miss.How life is like this?.But at the end of the day I loved myself. I do survive
in this crazy little world. I have no big allowance during my school and sometimes it’s few to
take on the whole week but I am contented of what I have.I do suffer but contentment is in
my innerself.
I learned that contentment is very crucial to one’s life.Life is not about possesions and
wealth.Are we slave to our own dicontentment to material things like money or
possesions?Everyday everyone work for a job,for what?Somehow others believe they want to
possess a big house,a car or more money.Does it require to fit in this society?I know this are
the fruit of hardwork and dreams that we want but being greed is not the same as dreaming
of having more.There is a big difference just like in the story who don’t know what the
meaning of contentment is.
Mathilde is responsible for her own suffering because there are reasons to be happy.She does
not appreciate all the effort of her husband who is always there.He give all the things she
want.He does’nt know how to take responsibility of their relationship.Happiness is a choice.I
love people who loves me also.It is a give and take responsibility between people. There are
times that people do not appreciate the effort of other people but knows only the mistake
they see.Why are people like that? No one is perfect.Being appreciate by people is the best
behaviour a human can give.Inspite of the lacking of one person we should be careful of the
way we treat them.Always appreciate people that is what I want to emphasize and the most
important is that they understand each other.
I want also to emphasize the poverty that govern the society we have today.I don’t
want to be poor.Being poor is not a good thing.I do not want to die poor either.The poverty I
see today is very crucial to dream a life of financial freedom.If there are less job,the more
crime will is going to our society and there are crime,poverty is going to happen. I do not
know it will end but the best thing I know on what I read is to save and spend wisely.What
do the rich differ from the middle and poor people is that they keep on buying asset rather
spend in none sense way.
The middle class get into debt and continous until their generation while the poor work,
and spend system.Let’s create business.It is what the rich do.The rich also do not complain
and know how to spend their time.No procrastination to achieve their goal in life. I once dream
to be rich also.I dream of it so that my future generation will not suffer.I want to help
organizations or build a school for educating financial education,so that no one will become
poor again.This is my belief that humans should know how to be financially educated.We
grow, go to school,find a job,got married,have children,buy possesions like house,etc. and
get in debt.That is the sytem we have today that is why this society is full of poor people.The
education in school does’nt give oppurtunity to know how to be financially educated.They are
focused on working for money but not on how money works for people so they could not be
stricken into poverty in going to reality of life.
The necklace Mathilde borrow is a fake one.I just also want to emphasize the word
fake into people who are not true to others. I hate people whom you trust but will show you
disgusted act or words.I once met this kind of people. I was happy to be with him at the first
place but later it paranoid me that all actions or words he show is not true.I felt hurt because
trusting someone is very hard to get.I illusioned by his words and actions.Friendship lost once
again in my life.I do not know what I do, but all know is that i respect and trust him.Yes, life
is not much easy as people will come and go.I was thankful he comes to my life then because
I learned to distrust much more and be smart enough in people I contact with.Life lesson
Based on my life’s experience.The money I have now is worth effort. I got it from my
job and I value it because it is a trusted money. I sleep late at night to have my online job
and get paid by it.It helps my education to so that I cannot take from my parent’s money.That
is the true meaning of having an effort job is to help someone.I am proud that I can get it
by doing my own initiative to take a job.I spend it wisely so that I cannot be a poor wigger
The necklace is a short story that give lights to people who do not know
contentment in their bored life.This is the essence of the short story to build confidence to
grow and educate us not to be greed in our own possesions but to give and take responsibility
with our emotions also.If we consider our self and belief that money is an illusion.I think
everyone live in a peaceful way.No emotions attached so that we can handle ourself in this
life full of trials to survive.
I conclude that wealth,suffering,hatred,fakes,poverty is part of one’s life.We are here
on the earth to cherish the moment that god has given to us.After all we cannot take all
possesion in the after life,what we can brought is a memory and a exprience with people we
love.The journey of humanity never ends will all the pain and sacrifices.It is his/her duty to
survive and have hope for everyday survival. I once read a quote that said “Lack of money is
the root of all evil”.Now I know it is true than saying “Love of money is the root of all
evil”.Why? because without money the humans will a find any possible way to get her wants
and that is desire to be greed.
Let us give and take.Appreciate also every people we met and be generous.It is good
to the heart.The happiness that we value one another is a great factor in achieving
success.This is my belief and I know everyone are good enough.Just ask and you shall be
given.For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,which is true we are the makers
of our own destiny.Life will push us to make the best out it.Money is power but the true
essence of it is how we can help and managed people to take time and value them.


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