Life Trains Us for Efforts and Results


Cuit Meza
Professor: Online Staff
English 114 Introduction to College Composition
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Life Trains Us for Efforts and Results

First: People who install birdbaths with fresh water on their property, so birds will have
fresh water to drink, bathe and splash in. As a result, the bird bath brought contentment to the
birds that visited it. The effort a bird bath, the results pleasure happiness and satisfaction to wild
birds who fly around looking for food and water.
Next: Folks and wild life who try get results. In other words, determination walks hand in
hand with the outcomes which is equally important. Whereas those whom make no effort treat
the matter lightly then become disappointed with the consequences, on the other hand evaluating
the situation teaches people and animals to measure, judge, and weigh the conclusions.
Unquestionably our struggles for independence which include food, water, housing,
transportation and good friends that bring out the best in us are strong points in animals and
people’s labors.

Furthermore: The fact of the purpose in learning, is that some humans or wildlife are
easier to train than others. For instance: when we want something let’s say a person place or
thing that quit working in our life. Naturally we need to evaluate our loss and replace it with
something, someone or somewhere new. In other words, by comparison our gains with a new
Meza 2
person, place, or thing has given us a new approach on life where once again happiness and
vision and positive results walk hand in hand, with a new outlook on the road of life.
Afterwards our new-found efforts we have also found peace of mind. Our gains far
outnumber our losses due to new strengths which were encouraged by misfortunes. Without
reservation we now have learned to interpret ideas, thoughts and philosophies.
Consequently: New values take shape and form in the critical thinking stadiums of our
new and innovative life. Once again and finally contentment and reenergizing confidence has
saved us due to our new hard work and fresh energies. In brief, our advantages far outnumber
our fatalities as we find new avenues and broadways on the road of life.
Therefore: To achieve results in life we as humans and animals must make and effort. In
conclusion the more we learn about determination will measure how far we travel with new
found outcomes or the way things turn out. Obviously in search of the end outcome is the
Obviously: And summing it up to interpret ideas, thoughts and philosophies is freedom of
thought and our greatest liberty is independence from procrastination. Do nothing and receive
nothing on this occasion as I have said those who challenge the misfortune to be successful will
earn pleasing and satisfying results in other words a challenge is any effort that dares us to
Meza 3
Overall: If you seek victory in the minutes you shall find it in the hours. Life can be a war
and we must break it down into small battles that we can win and that is one battle one day at a
time that you can win with carefully planned approaches. Transforming disasters into victories is
a life time job it starts the day we are born. Wins and losses, winners never lose, and quitters
never win.
Unquestionably: Our habits strengthen us or weaken us. At this point our gains in
accomplishments far outnumber our losses in underachievement’s. Therefore, if every person is
progressing or advancing forward instead of in reverse composed like a piece of music, then
accomplishment and victory takes care of itself. Fine-tuning into life’s rhythms and beats creates
a gentle smile on our ever-changing facial expressions. So, let’s practice continuously to
encounter each other with a smile, for a smile is the commencement of true love for one another.
Equally important and by comparison grown men and women know the world they live
in whether by great love or even huge mistakes and even countless resentments, obviously
humanity matures by trial and error. Unquestionably and without reservation our failures are
greater educators than our mistakes and it is equally important to evaluate the misfortunes or
disasters that have previously, and formerly occurred on the path of life.
Success takes shape and form when humanity learns to transform catastrophes into
accomplishments. Indeed, and without doubt instructors, trainers, coaches, and unquestionably
and equally important humanity must design and build new academic institutions where mankind
and scholars of all types can learn to transform tragedies into victories. Problems and
misfortunes greatest treasure is scholars who evaluate or assess the calamities.
Meza 4
In brief and to summarize as demonstrated life is permanent except for changes. We can’t
run or hide from change because it keeps moving forward. Men, women children and wildlife
think backwards but must live it forward. Finally, the future approaches whether we want to face
it or not. The future belongs to those that prepare for it and our best investment is knowledge
trying and learning new information and instruction to prepare for the future will get you
constructive results.
Surprisingly as has been noted despite the misfortune engineering psychological efforts
will create constructive results. Complications are those terrible things you perceive when you
take your eyes off your goal. The goal is a desired outcome or probable conclusion that a person
or a system foresees, campaigns and binds to accomplish: a particular or structural desired endpoint
in some sort of presumed progress. Many people or administrations attempt to grasp goals
within a predetermined time by setting limits on the goals.
Summing it up a desired outcome that binds persons, places, situations, that relate to the
solution over the problem. Will require a planned effort to achieve results therefore transforming
failures into success. Evidently and recognized any small effort whether by great thought, careful
action, and even great care or concern is a moment closer to the answer that humanity seeks.
In conclusion looking for the answer in the minutes will save us in the hours because we
have created efforts to achieve, invent, and form the outcomes. Therefore, the requirements have
given birth to new seeds of progress that have taken root. Unquestionably the new garden on
knowledge will grow into results then turn into new occasions of opportunity because of our
efforts as scholars. After all a nation’s greatest treasure is its schoolchildren and the countries


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