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Assignment 1: Fitness entry requirements


Assignment 1: Fitness entry requirements


Assignment 1: Fitness entry requirements

Task 1
All the uniformed public services will have fitness requirements for individuals
to meet or beat. The reason for the entry requirements in fitness is to identify
the current level of fitness which will create a guide of their fitness levels.
These fitness records will always be watched and measured which may drive
individuals to try better. Also the services do this because any personnel who
sustain an injury they can maintain their fitness to standards after the injury to
make sure that their fitness hasn’t dropped.

Throughout the police force, you’ll be tested on your level of fitness. As a
police officer an individual is expected to reach all the entry requirements set.
This will allow the observers to keep track on the level of fitness. In the
physical training there are many different tests which will work different
muscle groups, this will show the individuals strengths and weaknesses.
Everyone who wants to join the police force will have to participate to the set
tests. One test is called the Bleep Test; this is where you’d run on a 15 meter
track doing shuttle runs. The police force has set the minimum pass level as
5.4. Another test is where every individual should be able to push 35KG and
pull 34KG which you will have 5 try’s to complete the challenge for a pass. Also
the test that will test your dynamic strength the pass score set by the police
force is a minimum of 5 seated back pulls along with 5 seated chest presses.
When researching for the entry requirements for the UK police force I used
this website from this website I
found the entire tests and minimum levels that individuals had to beat to
succeed a pass.

Royal marines
In the Royal Marines, they rely on your fitness being above average. All recruits
will have to go through the intense training and passing each one to become a
royal marine. These physical tests will identify if an individual is fit enough. In
the bleep test the minimum level they have to reach is 11.11 for a pass which it
see if their stamina is good enough. Another test is doing 2 runs on a running
machine for 1.5 miles. The first 1.5 miles has to be done in 12 minutes, after a
1 minute’s break you do another 1.5 mile run but this time it has to be done
under 10 minute’s. Their expected to be able to do at least 85 sits ups, 60 press
ups and an minimum of 3 pull ups but the target is 8 to get the passes. As royal
marines are water based as well, individuals will have to swim 100 meters with
no break when swimming. Also each one will have to dive into the pool and
swim to the bottom to collect a brick. Each recruit will have to do a 30 mile
march with all the equipment on.
The website I used to gather my information about the fitness testing levels
was which gave me everything about the physical testing
entry requirements.
The RAF will test you physically and emotionally. All the physical fitness levels
set to be beat are there to identify those with better fitness and the individuals
that do not have to fitness to pass the tests. In the Royal Air Force they will
ensure that everyone is able to run up to 2.4 miles. This run will have to be run
within 13.56 minutes to succeed a pass. Each public service will test individuals
on their skill of doing press ups and sit ups. In the RAF the entry requirement
when doing the press up and sit up test is minimum of 10 press ups along with
32 sit ups which all has to be done in one minute. One of the most used tests in
the public services called the bleep test is also used in the RAF. The Royal Air
Force has set the minimum level to 6.7 to guarantee a pass. If an individual
passes all the entry requirements they’ll be put in a selection process.
When browsing through the internet to find out the entry requirements for the
fitness In the RAF I used the information from this website which gave me everything I needed to know about the
different types of physical test they do.
Components Fitness Tests Description My Results Public Services
Flexibility Sit and Reach Sit on the
floor with legs
straight into
of you, then
lean forwards
to get a
28cm The fire service has to
ensure that everyone is
able to fit into tight
spaces in situations.
CV Fitness Bleep Test Running to
point A to B
within the
beat until it
gets too fast
for you
11.3 The royal Marines use
the bleep test to
ensure that everyone is
capability running long
Strength Grip Test Pull down on
the handle
with both
hands to get a
37/40 No services use the
grip test.
Muscular Endurance Sit ups Put both
hands on your
head, bend
both knees,
then left you
upper body
upwards to
your knees
then back
60 All services uses the sit
up test to identify your
muscular endurance is.
Power Jerry Can Holding to
jerry cans
that are 20kg
1 minute and
29 seconds
Royal Marines uses this
to test how good your
power in your arms is.
each and
having to run
150 meters
Speed Cooper Run Running
around a
track that is
200 meters,
as many
times as you
can possible
within 12
26 The police use the
cooper run to ensure
that you can run after
Height Measuring
Stand straight
against a wall
and allow a
peer to
measure you
5ft8 To make sure that your
reach the minimum
height for the Army.
After getting all my results from the different tests I am able to compare the
scores I got to the results that the services would have wanted. In the sit and
reach I got 28cm. The fire service ensure that individuals are flexible but do not
have a certain test for it. Another test I had done was called the grip test. I got
40 on the right hand and 37 on the left. No public services use this test but it’s
still good to have as a strength. In the Bleep Test I final score I got was 11.3.
The Royal Marines entry level for the bleep test is 11.11, unfortunately I didn’t
reach the minimum requirement for the Royal Marines as I was 0.8 off. As my
peer counted my reps I did on the sit up test, I got 60 overall. For the entry
requirement in sit ups in the royal marines is 85 to pass which I didn’t achieve
(25 reps off). After doing the jerry can run my time was 1 minute and 29
seconds. The marines wanted it to be done in at least 2 minutes. In this test I
did beat the entry requirement. When getting measured for how tall I was, my
height was 5ft8 which is a reasonable for the police force as I am not too small.
The final test I did was the cooper run. I got around the track 26 times in 12
minutes. The police like this test as it shows that individuals can run far
distance in a long time which can help when chasing criminals.
These are the results I got after going through all the tests.
Bleep test 11.3
Sit ups 60
Press ups 51
Pull ups 8
Grip Test 40/37
Static Lift 40
Sit and Reach 28
Cooper Run 26
Jerry Can Run 1 minute and 29 seconds
1.5 Mile Run 10 minutes and 7 seconds
Bleep Test
In the bleep test, you’d do shuttle runs on a 20 meter track, this will test your
pace and stamina. Looking at my results I was able to keep my pace at a
reasonable level. This allowed be to get to level 11.3 which is very good. The
advantage of myself getting this result on the bleep test allowed me to see my
fitness level when it comes to running. Also when looking at the entry
requirements for the Police and RAF I beat the set levels by a lot which is an
advantage for me as I know that my fitness is above average when it comes to
the fitness in these services.
Unfortunately a disadvantage with my result in the bleep test it didn’t reach
the entry requirements for the Royal Marines as their set level for a pass is
11.11 which I wasn’t far off. The way I will improve my score in the bleep test is
by going out on longer runs to increase my stamina and pace. After training for
a while hopefully my result will be even better and beat the entry requirement
for the Royal Marines.
1.5 Mile Run
As running is a strong point for me I was able to does the 1.5 mile run is a
reasonable time as I went at my own speed keeping at a steady pace. I did the
1.5 mile run in 10 minutes 7 seconds. A positive thing about being good at
running is every public service likes individuals to be able to run long distances.
As I did it in 10 mins 7 seconds I beat the entry requirement for the RAF and
Royal Marines. This is good as I can improve on my pace and stamina by going
on runs every day to increase my stamina even more which will benefit myself
in the future when doing running tests.
Cooper Run
The cooper run will test your running skills as well as the bleep test and 1.5
mile run. Throughout the 12 minutes you have to do as many laps of the 200
meter track, it’ll test your fitness and willingness to carry on. At the end of the
12 minute’s I gathered my results from a peer who was recording how many
laps I did. I was able to get around the track 26 times. I believe that my
strength when it comes to fitness is running as I am able to set a steady pace
and can control my breathing quite well.
An area I could improve on is not to run as quick at the start but slowly get
faster as I get out of breath too quickly when I go fast at the start.
Sit ups, Press ups and Pull ups
Every service will make you do press ups and sit ups as it uses a range of
muscles. We had one minute’s to do as many press ups as we could to get a
base line of our strength. After completing the press up test I got 51 reps
overall. This showed me that I am quite good at doing press ups within a
minute. An advantage of being good at press ups shows your muscles in your
arms are strong. This allows me to pick heavy objects up to move if needed to
in any task. We also had one minute’s to do as many sit ups as we could.
When recording the results on sit ups I achieved to get 60 reps in 60 seconds.
This is a good score as I was good enough to do continuous sit ups in one
minutes. Another exercise we did in the gym was pull ups which would test our
muscular endurance like sit ups and press ups did.
In this certain test, I had as many attempts to get as many pull ups as I could.
Overall I could only do 8 pulls ups which are the entry level for the Royal
Marines. This is a positive result as I know how many I can do until having to
stop. This allows me to know that I need to improve my muscles in my arm and
techniques to get them extra reps.
A disadvantage to my results in the press ups and sits ups is that I did not reach
the entrance level set for any service as I was only a couple reps from beating
the requirements. I need to improve on both my sit ups and press ups to
guarantee I get a better score. The way I will improve in these areas is by doing
sets of them every night to build my core and arms muscles. After allowing my
muscles to get stronger and bigger then hopefully be able to beat them results
I got first time.
Static Lift
In this exercise we had to lift different weights above 1.45 meters. In this test I
was able to lift all the weights which started from 15kg to 40kg. I was unable to
lift the 40kg on my first go. I had to attempt the 40kg weight another time
which I succeed in doing so. The advantage of my results which showed I could
lift up to 40kg above 1.45 meter beat the entry requirements for the fire
service. An area where I could improve on is having the motivation to lift
heavier objects without having to attempt twice.
Sit and Reach
In the sit and reach test I got 28cms. In the Royal Marines they do not look out
for this certain test. This is a good score anyway as it show that I am able to be
flexible in tight spaces. An area I could improve on is trying to reach even
further to get a better score.
Grip Test
On the grip exercise we tested our power in both hands. On my left hand I got
37 overall and I got 40 on my right hand. None of the public services ask
individuals to do this test. I could improve my general strength which will allow
me to reach higher on the machine.
Jerry Can Run
In this jerry can run I was determined to beat the entrance requirement for
Royal Marines which was to do 150 meters in 2 meters. The time I got in this
test was 1 minute and 29 seconds. The advantage of me getting this results
shows that I’m able to do this test within the entry requirements for the Royal
Marines. An area I could improve on is just beating my time whenever I do this
There are six main components of fitness.
Flexibility is one of the 6 main components in fitness. The meaning of flexibility
is the range of action at a joint or muscle to its full extension. The range of
flexibility can vary in different parts of an individual’s body. In warm ups, you
use this component of fitness. One exercise which will use your flexibility is
called static stretching. This is used to stretch different parts of your muscles.
Static stretching is where it slowly extended the muscles to a position where it
starts to hurt. There are loads of static
stretches out there which will do the
same job of stretching your muscles.
One stretch is called a hamstring
stretch. In this stretching exercise you
will have to sit on the floor with both legs straight in front of you. Bend your
left or right leg upwards and place it on your foot alongside the knee. After you
have made a P shape, bend your body forwards but keepings your back
straight. With both arms reach and touch the tip of your shoe. You should
begin to feel the hamstring stretch. Stay in that position for 30 seconds then
return to the starting position. Do these on both legs as many times as you
The advantage of static stretching is you don’t need any equipment when
doing this. This can be done anywhere before exercises. A disadvantage of
static stretching is it is very easy to pull a muscle if you stretch incorrectly or
for too long.
Overall static stretching is a very good way to target or improve your flexibility
as you have stretching your muscles to get into difficult positions. Static
stretching is good as it can be done anywhere and doesn’t require any
equipment during the exercise unlike some others that do require equipment.
A negative impact of static stretching is that it is very easy to get an injury. I
believe that this stretching is the best training method when targeting this
fitness component as it stretches every single muscle in your body and allow
you to become more flexibility as your muscles are not tightened up.
Another component in fitness is strength. Strength is one of the major
components needed. The term strength means the ability to lift or move any
type of object when doing work that has resistance to it.
This component of fitness is very good to have. Strength can be improved
when doing loads of exercises. There are two main training methods that are
the best when wanting to improve your strength. These two training methods
are free weights and resistance machines. Free weights are barbells, dumbbells
etc. Free weights are the opposite of the resistance machines as they do not
require fixed movements. Free weights require a lot more energy when doing
exercises. Resistance machines are there to target specific muscle areas. Unlike
free weights, resistance machines are easier to control. I think that free
weights are better when improving strength. There are loads of exercise you
can do with free weights to increase your strength.
Bicep curls are one of the most used
and effective training exercises with
free weights. With bicep curls there
are many different ways to do them
which have different effects. The
normal bicep curl method is where
you stand straight up with feet
shoulder width apart. Have the
selected weight that you are comfortable with in each hand. Both arms should
be extended on both sides. Bend your elbow to allow yours to lift the weight.
When you have lifted the weight to your shoulder, slowly lift down back to the
starting potion. Do this on both arms, doing as many reps as needed.
The advantage of free weights is there are many different way you can do it to
target a specific muscle group. Also this increase your strength rapidly when
done correctly as it is very effective. A disadvantage of free weights is you have
to have a lot of the equipment such as all the different weights. You need a lot
of room and can’t be done anywhere.
When improving strength, I believe that are weights are the best training
method to go by. This is because there are huge ranges of exercise that target
every muscle group. Free weights are very effective to improving strength
when the exercise is done regularly and correctly. The drawback of free
weights is that you need all the different type of weights which is expensive
and you need a lot of space. The advantage of free weights is it is amazing
when improving strength.
Muscular endurance is also a component of muscular fitness. Muscular
endurance means the ability of someone’s muscles group to be able to sustain
a large amount of reps against a resistant object for a long period of time.
There are many different exercises an individual can do which will target their
muscular endurance area. An exercise that is very good when improving your
muscular endurance is medicine ball training. Medicine ball training has been
around since the ancient Greek. This training exercise is very effective when
done properly. This is one of the oldest training methods when improving the
strength and improving health. Medicine ball training improves an individual’s
explosive strength and power in every part of their body when exercising with
the medicine ball. The medicine ball is weighted to help muscles get bigger.
Within medicine ball training there are many different exercises that have
been created to target areas of people’s bodies. An exercise that involves the
medicine ball is called the V-up. In this exercise it
will target the core muscle. To do this exercise you’ll
need some space and the correct weighted muscle
ball to get the best result. The way to do this
exercise is firstly to lie on your back, with your legs
extended all the way on the floor. Grab the
medicine ball in both hands and extend your arms behind your head, creating a
shape as a number one. Once your body is extended all the way on the floor
with the medicine grabbed by both hands, you’d want to engage your core to
able to move your legs and arms together at the same speed. You’ll make a
form of a V position with the medicine ball almost hitting the tip of your shoes.
After this step is completed slowly lower your arms and legs to the floor,
forming the starting position. That’s one rep completed. Keep repeating these
steps to get a better result.
The advantage about this exercise is that you can do it mostly anywhere. The
only equipment you need is a medicine ball and a mat if needed on hard
surfaces. Another reason why this exercise is good for this training method, is
because is targets every part in an individual’s body when they are wanting to
improve their muscular endurance. A negative side of this exercise is you will
need quiet a lot of room when doing different exercises to get the best result.
Overall medicine ball training has been around for years and is used all the
time when people want to improve their muscular endurance such as strength
or speed. Within medicine ball training there are many different kinds of
exercise that can target the whole body or just certain parts. This exercise is
extremely effective as it targets the main muscles within someone’s body and
can be done anywhere if there is enough room. Also another good thing is you
only really need a medicine ball and maybe a mat if you do it on a hard surface.
I believe that medicine ball training is the best training method to do when you
want to improve your muscular endurance as the results are amazing when
done correctly.
The meaning of power is the ability to move as quickly as you can. Power is the
speed someone moves when force is applied at such as jumping or
accelerating. There’s a wide range of exercises that will target your power. One
exercise that improves and targets your power is anaerobic hill sprints. When
doing this certain exercise it will target the power in your legs. Anaerobic
means using little oxygen in a short exercise with high intensity. Hill sprints are
a training exercise that
improves your endurance. To
do this exercise you will need
to be near and steep hill.
Sprint up the hill as quickly as
possible using as little oxygen.
This will use around 80% to
90% of your maximum heart
rate. When reaching the top
of the hill, deep breathes as
you’ll be in oxygen debt. Cool
your body down. You can repeat this training exercise after a good rest.
An advantage of hill sprints is it strengthens your muscles over times after
doing this exercise for a while. Another advantage is your muscles are less
likely to give way during the intense workout.
The disadvantages about the hill sprints are the risk of injury. This is because if
the surface of the hill isn’t correct it may damage your muscles. Also this
exercise can only be done if you have a steep hill to sprint up. During this
exercise a large amount of lactic acid is produced. If you want to improve your
stamina this isn’t the correct exercise to do.
This training method is useful when improving your power in the certain
muscle groups you are targeting. Anaerobic hill sprints are an amazing training
method to lose weight and improve the posture which will reduce the risk of
pains in your back. This certain exercise will improve your cardiovascular
endurance and will reduce the amount of body fat. I believe that this is a much
needed fitness component to target on as it increase health and has many
different positive impacts on your body. Hill sprints are extremely useful to
improve your power in the legs.
The meaning of aerobic endurance is cardiovascular endurance (aerobic
fitness) this component of fitness is about the stamina of an individual doing
an exercise for a continuous period of time without stopping. When targeting
this fitness component there are a few exercise that are very good. One of the
training methods to do for aerobic endurance is called continuous training.
Continuous training is a physical training method that any type of exercise can
be done without resting periods. With continuous training there are a wide
range of exercises you can do. Some exercise could be running or cycling.
Cycling is a very popular sport
when it comes to improving
general fitness and targeting
specific muscle groups and
improving your aerobic
endurance. With this exercise it
can be done either inside or out.
The advantage of cycling is it improves the muscles in your legs, increasing the
power and strength as well. Another advantage of cycling as it burns a lot of
body fat quiet quickly. Also cycling for long distances will increase your
stamina. Some disadvantages of cycling outside are there is a lot of equipment
required such as the bike itself and helmets etc. This can become very
expensive. The weather might affect your performance and may decrease the
result at the end as you aren’t going as fast when it is wet conditions.
Overall cycling is very effective when targeting leg muscles and aerobic
endurance as it increase stamina. Doing this exercise it will increase your
stamina which will allow you to do exercises for a longer period of time.
Cycling is very effective and has positive results after a while of doing it. I
believe cycling is the best exercise when targeting aerobic endurance as it has
many positive impacts when doing it.
The term speed is how fast an individual can move across the surface or how
fast they are able to move their limbs. A fitness training method which targets
this fitness component is called pyramid training. Pyramid training is
participating one or more exercises. Within the exercises, do a certain amount
of reps which is the top of the pyramid then work all the way down until you
get to 1 rep. With this training method you can do any type of exercise you
want such as bicep curls or pull ups etc. To do this
exercise you will have to plan out what type of
training methods you are going to do. Firstly start
off with your first exercise such as push ups, do 10
reps, keep working up the pyramid, doing all the
exercises until you get to the top. When you reach
the top, repeat the exercises, from the top going to the bottom.
The advantage of pyramid training is that it doesn’t get boring as quickly as you
are not doing the same. When doing all the different exercises, you are
targeting different muscle group which will increase your power overall. You
don’t require any equipment for this training method unless you want to. This
can be done mostly anywhere. There aren’t a lot of
disadvantages when it comes to pyramid training. One
disadvantage of pyramid training could be doing too little reps
on each stage. To get the best result and be more effective you
are looking to do more reps than normal. This exercise does
require a lot of space depending on what type of workouts you
want to do.
Pyramid training is a very good training method when improving this fitness
component, power. This is because; you are able to do any exercise that you
wish. Allowing you to target the certain muscle groups that you want more
power in. This is also good as it doesn’t require equipment and can be done
anywhere. This is an advantage as you can do it at home or even at the gym.
This training method is used all the time as it is very effective and gets good
results after a will of doing the exercises. This is perfect when targeting speed.
A disadvantage to pyramid training is you might get injured if muscles are
stretched properly beforehand.
Sit Ups – 30
Leg Raises – 15
Plank – 45 sec
Flutter Kicks –
15 sec
V Sits – 5
Push Ups – 25
Bicep Curls (8KG)
– 10
Dips – 7
Pull Ups – 4
Chair Dips – 10
Squats – 20
Lunges – 15
each legs
Run – 1 mile
Push ups – 15
Sit ups – 30
Squats – 20
Leg Raises – 15
V-Sits – 5
Chair Dips – 15
Push ups – 15
Sit ups – 30
Squats – 20
Leg Raises – 15
V-Sits – 5
Chair Dips – 15
WEEK Sit Ups – 35 Push Ups – 30 Squats – 25 REST Push ups – 20 REST Push ups – 20
2 Leg Raises – 20
Plank – 60 sec
Flutter Kicks –
20 sec
V Sits – 7
Bicep Curls (9KG)
– 15
Dips – 10
Pull Ups – 6
Chair Dips – 15
Lunges – 20
each legs
Run – 1 mile
DAY Sit ups – 35
Squats – 25
Leg Raises – 20
V-Sits – 7
Chair Dips – 17
DAY Sit ups – 35
Squats – 25
Leg Raises – 20
V-Sits – 7
Chair Dips – 17
Sit Ups – 40
Leg Raises – 25
Plank – 75 sec
Flutter Kicks –
20 sec
V Sits – 9
Push Ups – 35
Bicep Curls
(10kg) – 20
Dips – 13
Pull Ups – 8
Chair Dips – 20
Squats – 30
Lunges – 25
each legs
Run – 1.5 mile
Push ups – 25
Sit ups – 40
Squats – 30
Leg Raises – 25
V-Sits – 9
Chair Dips – 19
Push ups – 25
Sit ups – 40
Squats – 30
Leg Raises – 25
V-Sits – 9
Chair Dips – 19
Sit Ups – 45
Leg Raises – 27
Plank – 85 sec
Flutter Kicks –
20 sec
V Sits – 11
Push Ups – 40
Bicep Curls
(12KG)- 25
Dips – 16
Pull Ups – 10
Chair Dips – 25
Squats – 35
Lunges – 30
each legs
Run – 1.5 mile
Push ups – 30
Sit ups – 45
Squats – 35
Leg Raises – 30
V-Sits – 11
Chair Dips – 21
Push ups – 30
Sit ups – 45
Squats – 35
Leg Raises – 30
V-Sits – 11
Chair Dips – 21
Sit Ups – 50
Leg Raises – 29
Plank – 100 sec
Flutter Kicks –
25 sec
V Sits – 13
Push Ups – 45
Bicep Curls
(13KG) – 30
Dips – 19
Pull Ups – 12
Chair Dips – 30
Squats – 20
Lunges – 15
each legs
Run – 2 mile
Push ups – 33
Sit ups – 50
Squats – 40
Leg Raises – 33
V-Sits – 13
Chair Dips – 23
Push ups – 33
Sit ups – 50
Squats – 40
Leg Raises – 33
V-Sits – 13
Chair Dips – 23
WEEK Sit Ups – 55 Push Ups – 45 Squats – 20 REST Push ups – 35 REST Push ups – 35
6 Leg Raises – 30
Plank – 115 sec
Flutter Kicks –
25 sec
V Sits – 13
Bicep Curls
(14KG) – 30
Dips – 20
Pull Ups – 14
Chair Dips – 35
Lunges – 15
each legs
Run – 2 mile
DAY Sit ups – 55
Squats – 40
Leg Raises – 35
V-Sits – 15
Chair Dips – 25
DAY Sit ups – 55
Squats – 40
Leg Raises – 35
V-Sits – 15
Chair Dips – 25
At the start of the 6 week programme, I didn’t feel very fit and I got tired quite
quickly when doing exercises. I had many areas that I needed to improve on to
show progress. I was determined to follow the smart targets that I set before
starting any of the workouts and achieve them.
At the start of the 6-week programme, I had areas that I needed to improve
and areas I was already good at. My strengths before training were, my fitness
because was already better than other people due to me doing sports and
workouts before the 6 weeks. I was determined to make my fitness even
better. The way I am going to achieve this goal, is to try my hardest in the gym.
If I try my hardest in the gym, I will make progress in my strength and fitness.
This will allow me to increase the weights when doing bench presses. I firstly
identified the certain areas which I needed improvement on. When planning
my fitness programme, I had to select the correct exercises that would target
my wanted muscle groups. The areas I wanted to improve on was my strength
in my arms, legs, abdominals and shoulders. When improving my arms, I wrote
down exercises such as pull ups, press ups, dips, weights and more. I made
sure that very exercise I put down, would benefit my goal.
There were 3 smart targets that I set. This smart targets were to improve my
muscular endurance, improve my cardiovascular endurance and another area
that I wanted to improve was just my general strength and power. These were
the targets I was always aiming for at the start of the gym. After the 6 weeks of
my training programme, I began to see progress with the amount of reps I
could do in the exercises. When doing sit ups, I was only able to do around 45
reps in 2 minutes at the start. Near the end of the 6 weeks programme, I felt it
was easier to do around 60 reps in 2 minutes. I believe I achieved all my smart
targets that I set for myself. This is because at the start of the training
programme in some exercises such as press ups I could only do about 15 reps
until my arms began to hurt and I had to stop. Over the weeks I was able to do
more and more. It started to become easy to do 15 push ups as my arms didn’t
hurt at all. At the end I was able to do about 35 push ups before my arms
started to hurt. This made me realise that my muscular endurance and general
strength was improving slowly. At the end of the 6 week programme I was able
to do 50 reps of press ups without having to stop for any rests. I also achieve
on improving my cardiovascular endurance because I was able to improve my
score on the bless test from 12.3 to 13.6 as I was abler to run for longer
distances. I trained on the running machine in every time we were in the gym,
improving my stamina and my strength in my legs. My last smart target that I
achieved was just improving my general strength and power. I know this
because at the start of the 6-week training programme I could only bench
press 20kg. After training on the bench press for 6 weeks, my arm strength was
improving, as I was able to do more than 20kg. At the end of the 6 weeks, I
could bench press 45kg and do 15 reps.
Throughout my 6-week training programme, I recorded all my results after I
completed the exercise. The results below are from the very first week of the
programme from the exercises I completed.
The left side is the results from the first week of the training programme and the
right side are the results from the end 6-week training programme.
BICEP CURLS – 10 reps with 8kg
DIPS – 8
BICEP CURLS – 31 reps with 14kg
DIPS – 22
At the very start of the training
programme I did one minute of
constant push-ups
At the end of the six-week
training programme, I did this
exercise again
As you can see from the table above, it shows my results from the first week of
doing my fitness programme and the results at the end of the 6-week
programme. At the very start of the training programme I could only do around
53 push ups in a minutes. After training in this area, I made progress and could
do around 74 push ups within a minutes. I was able to do 21 more push ups at
the end of the 6 weeks. This shows that I made my arm strength better. I
believe I have been successful in reaching my goals. I believe this because over
the 6 weeks I have made progress and make my strength better which I was
wanting to achieve. After doing my 6-week programme, I didn’t think It would
actually work. I was motivated to work out and achieve my smart goals that I
set for myself. Looking back at the 6-week programme, I believe that my
programme did work as I got my strength and stamina increased. I know this
from recording my results daily and seeing my progress in the exercises.
These are the results at the start and at the end of the 6 weeks training
programme. As you can see, my results have improved over 6 weeks of
training. This is because at the start, I could only do 25 reps of push-ups. Now
after 6 weeks I am able to do nearly 50 reps, 47 exactly. The reason for why my
results have improved is because I have been training the certain areas in my
arms which have been built up over the time to allow me to increase the
weights and do more push ups. With the 1 minutes push up exercise I
improved massively on my muscular endurance as my arms muscles improved.
I am still motivated and determined to carry on my training, making future
improvements to my body until I reach my goal. I am not going to change a lot
of the training programme, as I believe that it is suitable for my goals that I
have set for my 6-week training programme. I also believe if I carry on doing
what I did for 6 weeks just increasing the reps, weights and set, my fitness will
increase massively along with my muscle mass. I believe this because from
looking at my daily results from when I was doing my programme, the results
were always increasing. If I keep working hard my results will increase. My long
term goal is to improve my muscular endurance. I will achieve this if I do the
certain exercise that target this. E.g. If I continue to do push ups, I will slowly
be able to do more reps and sets improving my muscular endurance. Overall, I
believe that doing this 6-week programme has made my fitness improved in
the areas which I set smart goals for such as improving my stamina when
running. I set myself a goal to reach 13.5 on the bleep test and I was able to
achieve this goal.


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